The complexity, fragrant and crunchy

of a great wine.

"Friuli is its ideal place"

Pinot grigio ('grey') owes its name to the colour of the grape. It is the product of a bud-mutation of pinot nero, with which is shares nearly all its features, except for the colour of the skins. Pinot grigio needs very specific growing conditions, in cool dry locations. It is in Friuli Venezia Giulia that it has finally found an ideal environment and put down roots, giving regular but never large yields. Vinified with the immediate separation from the skins it produces a white wine of finesse and elegance. Brief skin contact on the other hand gives a wine with a pale onion skin shade.


The cru site "Bosc di Sot" in the village of Cormons.

Crushing is followed by brief skin contact at controlled temperatures and soft pressing. After racking the must is fermented at controlled temperatures and the wine ages on the lees until the spring. The cuvèe is prepared in the late summer when the wine is bottled without filtering.

Grape Variety
Pinot Grigio 

Tasting note
Nose: young wines have ripe fruit, especially pear. With moderate ageing notes of hay and toasted almonds develop.
Palate: soft and full, balanced and fruity with elegant aromatic length. Appearance: old gold.

Food matches
A wine for the central part of a meal, to drink with rich soups or meaty risottos, boiled meats or chicken. At the end of a meal, goes well with medium maturity, flavoursome cheese. Serving temperature 12-14 °C.