We live in a place where the wind of change blows and languages change with it. It is a border region, where cultures meet, sometimes settle and sometimes move on. 

Our grandfather Antonio, a Friulan peasant farmer taught us to love the land in all its richness and intensity and to give it the respect it deserves. Borgo San Daniele is the materialisation of this passion that comes from way back and infuses our daily lives with its scents and flavours - in the cellar tasting a wine that is ageing, it inspires those few words that start the day off on the right path. The vineyards reveal to us the wisdom and the fascination of nature. Every vintage has a sunlight that we guard and bottle. We love that a wine turns back the seasons but at the same time imposes itself on them with its own times of waiting, of caring, of work and fruitfulness. We love the patience that waits for the grape as it grows and ripens on the vine. We love to lay aside its juice and wait for all the time it needs to become wine. A wine of the soil, this soil and always this soil, from a countryside that fills one's gaze with its natural beauty.