An unexpected, mineral freshness.

"Generous grape capable of expressing peculiar characteristics according to the time of harvest"

One of the best known native varieties of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Malvasia Istriana is also grown in the neighbouring Slovene Republic and in the Croatian part of Istria, symbolically uniting the peoples which have always shared these Adriatic regions. It is a generous variety which produces a wine whose character is determined by harvest dates. Picked at full ripeness it is fragrantly inviting, while late harvested it becomes drier and more austere.


Giassico, a tiny hamlet just outside Corm ns with an atmosphere which recalls the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Crushing is followed by brief maceration at controlled temperatures and soft pressing. After temperature controlled fermentation, the wine ages on the lees in a natural micro-oxygenated environment until the spring. The cuvèe is prepared in the late summer when the wine is bottled without filtering.

Grape variety

Tasting note
Nose: aromatic with notes of lime blossom.
Palate: fresh, tangy and long with a hint of ginger in the finish. Appearance: pale straw with flashes of gold.

Food matches
Excellent with appetisers and soups. Its mineral quality makes it an ideal partner for fish. Serving temperature 10-12 °C.