On the grassy vineyard, the solar encounter of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and other great varieties.

"A new wine, the son of more grapes,
fresh and young, tied to a magical place. "

"Arbis" is an ancient name for a young wine which peaks the language of flowers and aromatic herbs, and in fact in Friulan the name means 'herbs'. The choice of the word is the simplest way to describe how we grow it, in a vineyard with a covering of wild grasses and herbs. Grass cover, cut back periodically, is a way to mitigate the effects of the mono-culture typical of today's specialised vineyards and above all to contain the vigour of the vine. Arbis is at the same time an alternative and a complement to the monovarietals, an expression of the mutual diversity of the varieties which compose it but also the splendid unity they create in the wine.


The cru site "San Leonardo" in the village of Corm ns.

Separate harvesting and crushing followed by blending of the musts which then ferment together, creating integration and balance of the component varieties.

Grape varieties
Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and other grape varieties.

Tasting Note
Nose: varietal characters enriched by more complex aromas with notes of wild flowers and aromatic herbs and a finish which recalls acacia honey. Palate: rich and concentrated structure, but at the same time with inviting drinkability. Soft with great volume on the palate and elegant contrast between the buttery character and underlying mineral quality. Appearance: straw yellow.

Food matches
A natural match for appetisers, soups and first courses, especially rice and pasta. Also excellent with shellfish and fish in general. Serving temperature 12-14 °C.


Pignolo in purity: the cultured recovery of a forgotten grape variety.

"You will discover suggestions of cherry, strawberry, raspberry,
blackberry jam, black currant "

The wild herbs that grow in these soils are innumerable and so are the aromas of the wines that spring from them. However, there are only two "Arbis". The red version is a ruby shade with a slightly grassy character, underlined by ripe red fruit - look for cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry jam and blue berries. This is pignolo, a grape with a unique history, full of personality, stubborn and uncompromising, disposed to excel only in dry exposed sites. If grown with loving care, it is capable of expressing its untamed youthful soul, which with time evolves into the same velvety textures that for centuries have been the hallmark of the world's great red wines.


The cru site "Ziris" in the village of Corm ns.

Traditional vinification, with 15 days skin contact. Ageing in oak barrels of varying sizes for one year followed by 6 months cellaring of the bottled wine.

Grape variety

Tasting Note
Nose: very personal, broad and elegant with a slight hint of pepper and red fruit aromas.

Palate: fresh, intense, welcomingly full-bodied.
Appearance: bright, deep ruby shade.

Food pairings
Roast or grilled beef, lamb, game, poultry and cheeses. Serving temperature 18-20 °C.